About us

Taking into consideration growing interest towards Finland  in Moldova,

Basing on recent  effectuated polls and obtained from it data,

Analysing futher potential of the relations in the field of business and trade between two countries,

Supporting the idea of exporting Finnish educational system in Moldova,

Promoting Nordic collaboration in Moldova,

Thinking of attracting attention to the project  activities, of partners from other Nordic countries,

Understanding the importance of developing  touristic field in Moldova and Jyvaskyla region,Finland,

Oriented on  investing time and money in creating  Moldo-Finnish startups and boot camps,

Using scientific research tools as a basic one for any of its activities,

Believing in the key role of overcoming  misunderstanding of different peoples mentality through tight long-term collaboration,

  1. an initiative group from Moldova forwards an idea of founding a startup hub in Jyvaskyla region,Finland.
  2. The White Bear Startup Hub(WBH) is a coworking space founded to implement „4 Elements”project as well as other futher possibly created Moldo-Finnish projects.
  3. Jyvaskyla region represents a target area for  the WBH projects.
  4.  Cooperation with the educational institutions situated in the Jyvaskyla region is defined to be of the main importance for the WBH activities.
  5. The main objective of any WBH projects is to connect educational institutions from Finland and Moldova with producing companies for solving a practical problem of scientific importance.

Stratigic and basic principals of the WBH activities as well as the budget formation is described in the agreement signed by the founders and any other details in its status. The headquater of the WBH is situated in Jyvaskyla region ( Matkailutila Surkeenjarvi).In case of necessaty its branch may be opened in Moldova, too.