English-Finnish( school 7 )

1.Bucateli Adelina

Oppiminen on elämai kukka.Oppia on mennä tulevaisunteen, he tulevaisuudessa haluan full hammaslääkari,kuuleisa.Siksi haluaisin eppia suomenkielen avaamaan unelmsni port in.

2.Carabadjac Andreea

I want to learn Finnish language because I want to know another culture and another language.On the other side it's good to learn Finnish because if you're going in a trip in Finland,for you will be easier to communicate with Finnish people.

3.Bajireanu Dan

Eu doresc sa invat limba finlandeza de oarece socot că aceasta limba este foarte interesanta si captiva. Mie imi place aceasta limba de oarece iubesc enorm de mult Finlanda pentru ca aceasta tara are multe lacuri frumoase si de asemenea eu iubesc Finlanda ca se spune ca acolo sunt cei mai fericiti oameni de pe Pamant. 

4.Burcovschi Victor 

I want to learn Finnish because is an interesting language and you can have some benefits  if you know it well. Also you can find  a  lot  of informations  if you know more  languages. The last reason why  I want to learn  Finnish is that  I develop  myself. 

5. Mamaischi Irina 

 I learn Finnish language because in future I want to be a translator. Also I would like to travel to Finland and it'll be more interesting if I will talk with Finnish people  in their native language. 

6.Gincu Nicoleta

I learn Finnish language because is important to understand other people and to make them my friends. I can travel to new places. I want to study this language very well to study and live in Finland. 

7.Chirilenco Nadea 

Eu am placere sa invat limba finlandeza deoarece doresc sa cunosc mai multe limbo.Si can viitor sa plec cu familia la Finlanda.Mie imi place sa invat limba finlandeza separate sunt curioasa si vreau sa stiu mai multe.

8. Pereteatco Catalina

‘’I dare to dream to pass the exams in Finland next year’’

       Everyone has some dreams or wishes that are very difficult to achieve. However, ‘’difficult’’ doesn’t mean ‘’impossible’’. I also have “an impossible” dream (as someone can say): passing my high-school graduation exams in Finland. But I dare to believe in my own knowledge, patience, skills, and abilities and of course in myself.

       It is not easy to achieve this goal but what is it easy to do in this life? The longer is the way to success the more enjoyable is the victory. But success doesn’t exist without a painful fall down. Just knowing what it means to make mistakes you can find out the futher solutions. So, I am not afraid to fail or to lose because just being at the bottom I can discover the right way to the top of the success. It is not a shame to make mistakes as long as you try to correct them. But for this you need all your self-confidence and patience.

        Thus, every dream is achievable as long as you are not scared by any obstacles. And I am sure I will see the day when my wish will be realized too.