English-Swedish ( lyceum Universul )

   ♥♥♥ We are a group of students from the “UNIVERSUL” Lyceum. We are the best of the best and we have gathered despite our age differences for our mutual goal which is to study the Swedish language and to establish a lot of friendships between the Nordic countries and Moldova.

-Severin Lera♥ : I study this language, because I love the Nordic countries, their society, their people, their mentality and their traditions.

-Buga Dana : I started to study Swedish, because I was intrigued by the passion for the language and nation that was reflected in Mrs. Irene Mocrac and I earned to also have the opportunity to experience and explore this fascinating Nordic soul.

-Babin Liviu : I have always been a person who wants to get better day by day. Learning a northern language ia an opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and skills.

-Carabadjac  Ariadna : I started studying the Swedish language, because I want to study in a Finnish university.

-Cuculescu Ionela : I study the Swedish language, because I want to know more languages.

-Racovita Maria: I study Swedish Language because I foreign languages and my profession will be closely related to them!I hope that everything is good to you. Thank you very much, for giving us a piece of your time to read this message!!!

-Maria-Magdalena Cotruta:

Eu studiez limba suedeză, deoarece studierea limbilor străine este pasiunea mea. Pentru mine, limbile nordice sunt puțin exotice, nefiind atât de cunoscute, la fel ca limba engleză, spre exemplu.
I study Swedish language, because studying foreign languages is my passion. Nordic languages are little exotic ones for me, not being as known as English language, for example.
Jag studerar Svenska språk, för att studerar främmande språk är min passion. Nordiska språk är små exotiska för mig, till exempel inte som engelska språk.

-Ursu Diana:I study Swedish language because I want to understand closely their mentality,customs and views.I am fascinating about every nations,because everytime I see in each country something unique.Also I study this language for studing abroad maybe in Finland where the second oficial languageis Sweden.I love thery much the nordic states,one of the thing that impresed me was those amazing views(Aurora Boreala,white nights and many others).Nature is so beautiful there,with a lot of lakes,forests and islands.In my opinion I think that Nordic countries are happier than others because due to the harmony of nature besides it a very simple living without rich houses,clothes and many others things.People leave together close to each other,enjoying the beautiful and wonderful treasure in the world what is called life.

-Sau Felicia:Eu studiez limba suedeza ,deoarece vreau sa cunosc si sa invat ceva nou.Dupa părerea mea viata este oferită pentru a descoperi ceva nou,pentru a învață.Limba suedeza este o limba nordica foarte interesantă si plină de surprize gramaticale,de aceasta am ales sa o invat.

-Surugiu Olga:

Studiez limba suedeză deoarece sunt o persoană curioasă . Aș vrea să le înțeleg gândurile și ideile.

-Emelianov Natalia :Studiez limba suedeză din propriul interes.Mereu mi s-a părut că limbile nordice sunt puțin mai stranii decât celelalte,mai ales limba suedeză,chiar dacă se asemănă cu altele,asta m-a făcut încă mai curioasă.Și desigur că am ales studierea ei,pentru a avea mai mult acces la comunicare și la culturi noi.Îmi place să o învăț pentru că,făcând asta,dezvălui cum gândesc și ce simt alte societăți,care sunt experiențele,valorile și modul în care se exprimă.