English-Dannish group (school "D.Matcovschi ")

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-Ciorici Adriana ( 12 years) "Studiez daneza pentru ca in viitor sa pot colabora cu oamenii din Danemarca."

-Covali Valeria ( 12 years) "Am inceput sa studiez daneza, pentru a avea posibilitatea de a invata si a trai in Danemarca."

-Negrescu Meiri Elena ( 12 years) "Am inceput sa invat daneza, pentru a cunoaste limba nativa a multor youtuberi cunoscuti.'

-Boboc Alexandrina ( 12 years) "Am inceput sa studiez limba daneza, pentru a imbogati vocabularul si peste citiva ani sa pot face studii in Danemarca."

-Coroletchi Valeria ( 13 years) ''Am inceput sa studiez daneza, pentru a cunoaste ceva nou."

-Buicli Ilie ( 12 years)

-Roscovanu Ecaterina ( 12 years)

-Manolachi Alexandra ( 11 years)

-Dzic Dumitru ( 13 years) Am început să studiez Daneză pentru ca imi place Danemarca si ca sa pot comunica cu asa persoane  a Christian Eriksen 

   1.Vivdici Ina(17 years) "Learning Danish became a hobby for me.I discovered that Danish and English have a lot in common,like articles,tenses and nouns,and these things helped me a lot in acquiring knowledge about this language .I think that Danish pronunciation is a mix up from French,English and German. The funniest thing about my new hobby is that people get impressed when finding out about it, and they always ask me to say something in Danish. It has been a nice trip with this new nordic language."

2.Pasenco Madalina (18 years) "My experience  with studying  Danish language started around 6 months ago . When I began my journey through Danish language and culture ,it seemed both scary  and quite challenging, mainly because  of the pronunciation and reading rules(especially the "d" sound. However, now I can strongly affirm that I made a huge progress  in this field. I began to like this language more, as it seems logical and similar to English .Besides  this, I really enjoy  the process of learning and enriching my vocabulary . I hope  one day I'll  get fluent  enough to communicate  with Danish people and get to know more and more of their language  and cultural  values!


3.Dzîc Iulia(15 years)"I am very glad that I have been studying Danish more that 5 months.From my experience I can say that this language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world.It is not so easy,because some words  that you write,you should pronounce them total differently,but I will work a lot and will improve this skill.And so,I think that if I study Danish,I will improve more personal abilities  to speak in more languages.