The main unite of the WBH is called : „ a cluster”. It is a provisional team, formed to apply for a certain startup contest, such as Nordic Startup Awards for example  .

WBH may take a desicion of founding WBH own startup contest ( national,regional or a international one)

WBH may form an outside cluster with other coworking spaces in oder to attract more participants to the startup contest all over the world.


Start-up - "Salmiakki Trips" (created november 2018)

"Be unique, keep your memories salty"

"My name is Tatiana Purice and Salmiakki Trips is my start-up project. It is going to be a company which will provide tourist packages to Finland with different topics plus photoshootings. The target clients are couples, but we will also offer our services to other kinds of willing clients, if there are any. I've always wanted to create something unusual and educative that will draw attention to the public. As Finland is not yet a very popular choice among moldovan tourists, Ive decided to introduce this amazing country and its culture to our public. The title "Salmiakki" relates to a specific finnish candy with the same name. By choosing this name I wanted to reveal the essence of the company. Candies by notion are supposed to be sweet, but salmiakki has a sour taste. Still, it is a famous and beloved candy. The same with the start-up: people tend to spend their vacantion at the beach doing nothing. I offer them an unusual and fascinating alternative which will feed their soul and enhance their cultural knowledge, leaving them with photo-memories for life."